Pastor Sarah Barbour

Pastor Sarah Barbour, often called the “Fireball” preacher, is a Prophetess, Teacher, and Anointed Preacher with a special gift of ministry for restoration, reconciliation and new beginnings.  Called to evangelize in 1980, she is often requested for conferences, workshops, retreats and conventions across the United States as well as internationally.  She has over 37 years of preaching and teaching.  She is ever learning and submitting while walking with God;  saved and filled with the Holy Ghost for over 40 years.


Pastor Sarah Barbour studied medicine at Ball State University and Theology at Aeon Bible College, with a focus on Eschatology (end times). She has a Bachelor Degree in Theology and an Associate Degree in Medicine.     


She has the honor of being appointed as the first African-American female chaplain of Marion County Jail in Indianapolis, Indiana where she is the administrator for all religious activities and services for more than 3,500 inmates.  Because of the anointing on her life, the glory of the Lord is being seen and ministered behind the jail walls.


God’s glory continues in 2003 on Pastor Barbour when she was given the opportunity to enroll in the Police Academy.  She graduated as the first Afro-American female Chaplain Sheriff’s Deputy.  Evangelist Barbour not only has the skill and the knowledge to carry His word as Chaplain but also is a Sheriff’s Deputy.


Called to pastor in 2009, she became the founder of New Birth Family Life Worship Center.  In October 2009 with 5 members , the center grew to 75 members in less than a year.  From a small hotel room, within 6 months, the church moved into a 2000 square foot facility. Through Pastor Barbour, God has proven His faithfulness to His people to reconcile and restore.


As the favor and anointing rested upon the ministry, 75 members grew into more than 150 with several services and outreach groups.  In December 2015,       Pastor Sarah signed for another property location on 3642 N. Emerson with over 9000 square feet.  New Birth’s new location and first service was January 31, 2016 , opening with 179 members that marched into their new location.


Passionate Pastor Sarah has a heart of sowing and remains the responsible party for the previous locations which allows two other churches to occupy that location for their worship services. Pastor Sarah left what was needed to start without hesitation and ease. Both of their services started on January 31, 2016.


In 2015, Pastor Barbour was appointed as the First Afro-American Female Chaplain for IMPD where she currently serves as the Assistant to the Chaplain Manager.

Pastor Barbour
, mother of three anointed children, Brian, Dominique and Destiny and grandmother of Mercy and Brian III. Their names meaning strength, lover of God, and purpose reflects God’s ability to use a mother and her children to complement the work of God.


Pastor Barbour, the author of three books, “In His Face,” what’s behind praise, “The Secret is OUT,” what’s behind fervent prayer, and “Did You Know,” basic Bible truth, demonstrates the versatility of her ministry as a writer and publicist.


From the pit of Hell to the Pulpit, her life changing ministry touches the lives of all who will have an ear to hear what the Spirit of God is saying to the church.